Our Approach

With something as important as your career, trust those who have made it their professional goal to see you succeed.

CareerVantage believes in employing best-in-class writers. With the ACRW and NCRW certifications, you can be sure that your career documents are being created by an industry expert.

Our writers have earned the ACRW and NCRW certifications, indicating mastery of:

* Resume Strategy & Client Positioning

* Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing Styles, Trends & Techniques

* Cover Letter and Thank-You Letter Writing Styles, Trends & Techniques

* Personal Branding for Resumes

* Resume Formats, Designs & Structures

* English Language & Grammar

We understand the challenges you face in today's competitive market and we are dedicated to providing the very best, most powerful, and most up-to-date resumes to accelerate your search.

Our Story

CareerVantage opened in 2003 and has been providing powerful career search portfolios ever since. Our writers have experience writing for all levels within an organization, from Entry Level through CEO. With more than 10 years experience successfully building and managing businesses, the writers at CareerVantage have first-hand knowledge into the mind of the hiring manager and will put that knowledge to work for you.