Even if you are the “perfect” candidate for a position, someone less skilled might get the job of your dreams because their résumé was written more skillfully. It happens all the time. Many people think that since they know their jobs well and have adequate (or even excellent) communication skills, they can prepare their own résumés.

But when writing about themselves, people tend to undersell the “product.” In addition, a full 98% of résumés created by unskilled professionals lack several of the most important ingredients. As a result, many opportunities are missed.

Some job seekers regard the résumé as “just a piece of paper.” But in today’s highly competitive job market, where the typical nationally advertised position opening will receive literally hundreds of responses, it takes an effective résumé to get interviews.

Think of it this way – a $1 bill and a $1,000 bill are both “just paper,” too. But like a résumé, their value is determined by what is printed on that piece of paper.

Your résumé is one of the most important documents you will ever create. This “make-or-break” marketing tool is what stands between whether an employer will call you for an interview or pass you by.

An Investment in Your Future

A professionally prepared résumé is an investment in your future earning power and career happiness. Professional résumé writers have the experience and skills necessary to present applicants from diverse industries, career fields, and experience levels at their very best. They know how to set you apart from the competition, ensure that your résumé gets read, and prompt the reader to take action by calling you for an interview.


What are the main benefits to hiring a “pro?”

By hiring a professional, you’ll gain access to:


  • Expert résumé writing/editing/design skills.
  • Needed objectivity and expertise to play up your strengths, downplay your weaknesses, and position you for interview success.
  • The precise know-how to target your career and industry correctly.
  • Winning résumé, job search, interviewing, and salary negotiation strategies from the recognized “experts.”
  • Experienced professionals who have passed rigorous résumé industry exams and demonstrated their commitment to the profession by obtaining ongoing training.
  • What kinds of credentials do professional résumé writers have?
  • Credentials are varied and can include degrees, certifications, professional memberships, supplemental training, résumé expert classification by online career databases, industry-related positions, and/or being a published writer or convention speaker. Résumé writers across the country who are serious about their profession are members of one or more professional organizations. The highest standard in the résumé profession is attainment of one or more certifications.

How much does it cost?

Résumé costs vary widely and can range from $75 to $1,000 or more, with fees depending upon the services included, credentials of the writer, and scope of the project. Résumé writers who are certified generally command a higher price because of their expertise, credentials, number of years in the business, and success rate.

What kinds of services are offered by résumé writing or career coaching firms?

Most firms offer printed résumés and cover letters, scannable résumés, and e-mail résumés. Many firms offer résumé packages, reference lists, web posting, résumé distribution services, interview thank-you letters, job search coaching, and interview coaching. A select few provide HTML résumés, recommendation and resignation letters, testimonial sheets, career transition coaching, lifetime updates, portfolio compilations, and grant/business plan writing services.

Why should I hire a member of the NRWA?

Because it will maximize your résumé’s results and your job search success. Firms with NRWA membership offer you the distinct advantage of top-quality writers who remain on the cutting-edge of résumé writing. The NRWA provides continuous educational, mentoring, and training opportunities for its members, so you can be confident that your résumé will be expertly prepared.

Common Résumé Pitfalls

Most people who write their own résumés are unsure of how to best present their strengths, downplay their weaknesses, and appeal to employer needs. Common mistakes include the omission of important information and/or strategic sections, the inclusion of irrelevant (and/or ill-advised) details, a shortage of keywords, a failure to emphasize transferable skills, a lack of a specific career focus, and an uninviting page design. And, perhaps most critically, the majority of applicants write “task-oriented” résumés vs. “achievement-based” résumés. 

*NRWA (National Resume Writers Association)


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Why Hire a Professional?

  • Résumés

  • Curriculum Vitaes (CV)

  • Cover Letters

  • Thank you Letters

  • Professional Reference Sheets

  • ​LinkedIn Profiles​

  • Win More Interviews
  • Maximize Your Strengths
  • Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Land Your Dream Job Sooner
  • Elevate Your Earnings Potential
  • Solve Tough Job Search Challenges
  • Succeed in Transitioning to a New Career

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