The Nitty Gritty

How much does a resume really cost?

Resume prices vary widely—especially when you’re Googling for a quick solution. You’ll find sites that quote as low as $75 alongside others that charge over $2K.

The vast pricing spectrum begs the following questions:

  • Will I really be provided with a superbly written, professional document for $75?
  • Do I need to spend such an exorbitant amount for a single document?

What if we told you the answer to both questions is a resounding NO?

The Career Vantage Advantage

Legitimate resume fees increase or decrease in accordance with certain variables. Resume writers who have attained industry-leading certification generally command a higher price. This is because of their expertise, number of years in business, and success rate.

We understand the steep challenges within today’s employment market and we want to be sure that you are equipped with the very best strategy and writing to overcome them.

Our writers have completed rigorous training to earn the Academy Certified Resume Writer designation (ACRW)—a high-level certification that signifies mastery of best-in-class resume techniques and strategy. With less than 200 ACRWs worldwide, this designation ensures you will walk away with a powerful tool so you can make an impression in today’s dog-eat-dog job market.


Resume Only $599

LinkedIn Only $499

LinkedIn (following resume creation) $399

Cover Letter Only $175

Career Portfolio (includes resume & cover letter in Word, PDF, & ATS-friendly documents along with LinkedIn-ready content…we’ll even throw in a cover letter formatted especially for email queries at no additional charge) $1099

Prepare for the job of your dreams today

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