How much does it cost?

Resume costs vary widely and can range from $75 to $1,000 or more, with fees depending upon the services included, credentials of the writer, and scope of the project. Resume writers who are certified generally command a higher price because of their expertise, credentials, number of years in the business, and success rate.

Career Vantage is better prepared than ever to provide job seekers with the powerful tools they need in today’s highly competitive job market. Stephanie M. Gammon has completed a rigorous training program and earned the Academy Certified Resume Writer designation – a high-level certification that signifies mastery of best-in-class resume strategies. She is the only Academy Certified and Nationally Certified Resume Writer in Cincinnati and 1 of only 174 Academy Certified Resume Writers worldwide.

“My clients are facing steep challenges in the employment market these days,” says Ms. Gammon, “and even after years serving the career field, I wanted to be sure that I was equipping them with the very best strategies and documents. My investment in the Resume Writing Academy and the ACRW means that my clients can enter the job search with confidence, knowing that they have the very best, most powerful, and most up-to-date resumes to accelerate their searches.”

Entry-Level Resume $300 (recent graduates and/or 0–2 years’ work experience)

Professional Resume $375 (mid-level to senior management)

Executive Resume $475

Entry-Level to Professional Cover Letter $100

Executive Cover Letter $150

LinkedIn Profile (following resume creation) $200 (without resume creation, contact for pricing)

Contact Stephanie M. Gammon at for more information. Due to the high volume of business, we handle client communication via email communication only. Please allow 3-5 business days for initial response.