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Why Hire a Professional?

  • Win More Interviews
  • Maximize Your Strengths
  • Make an Impression
  • Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Land Your Dream Job Sooner
  • Elevate Your Earnings Potential
  • Solve Tough Job Search Challenges
  • Succeed in Transitioning to a New Career


Common Resume Pitfalls

If you’re like most people who DIY their resume, you may not be sure where to start. How do you best present your strengths? How do you downplay weaknesses? How do you appeal to employer needs?

The most common mistakes we see in DIY resumes include:

  • Omitting important information and/or strategic sections.
  • Including irrelevant (or ill-advised) details.
  • Failing to include keywords and/or failing to emphasize transferable skills.
  • Not focusing on a specific career goal.
  • Lacking an eye-catching page design.

But perhaps the greatest overall failure we see is that most applicants write from a ‘task-oriented’ mindset rather than an ‘achievement-based’ mindset.

Applicants who submit a professionally written resume are 40% more likely to be hired.

How many times have you been the ‘perfect’ fit for a particular position only to find yourself passed over for someone less qualified? A less-skilled applicant may snag your ideal position because their resume was simply more compelling. It happens all the time.

Many people think that since they know their jobs well and have adequate (or even excellent) communication skills, they can prepare their own resumes. But that may not be true.

We’ve seen that clients tend to undersell the ‘product,’ not knowing quite how to toot their own horn. A full 98% of resumes created by unskilled professionals lack several of the most important ingredients. As a result, opportunities pass by.

Some job seekers regard their resume as “just a piece of paper.” But in today’s highly competitive job market, where nationally advertised position openings will receive hundreds of responses, it takes an impactful resume to make an impression.

Think of it this way – a $1 bill and a $1,000 bill are both ‘just paper,’ too. But like your resume, their value is determined by what is printed on that piece of paper.

Your resume is one of the most important documents you will create. This ‘make-or-break’ marketing tool is what decides if an employer will give you a second thought.

Invest in Your Future

Our professionally prepared resumes are an investment toward your future earning power and career happiness. We have successfully presented diverse industries, career fields, and experience levels at their very best.

Most importantly, we know how to make an impression and set you apart from the competition. Connect with us today to ensure your resume prompts the reader to take action and call you in for that interview.

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