Is your resume ready for the job search? Will it help or hinder your interview chances?

Take this self-quiz to evaluate your resume's effectiveness.

  • My resume is packed with industry-specific language and crucial keywords.
  • My resume emphasizes and quantifies my achievements to show not only what I have done, but also how well I have done it.
  • My resume contains superior grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.
  • My resume uses varied action verbs and powerful marketing phrases.
  • My resume emphasizes how I will benefit employers and meet their precise needs.
  • My resume engages the reader from the outset and maintains interest throughout.
  • My resume clearly communicates my job target and the key strengths I bring to the table within the first few lines of text.
  • My resume uses an eye-catching, inviting, and original design (not a template).
  • My resume includes ASCII (plain-text) and scannable versions to enable e-mail, web, and electronic distribution/storage.
  • My resume communicates and targets my key transferable skills.
  • My resume minimizes my potential weaknesses and turns negative “red flags” into positive assets.
  • My resume uses the most effective format, style, and strategy for my particular situation.
  • My resume utilizes CAR (Challenge, Action, Result) statements in a compelling way.
  • My resume uses the same marketing techniques used by companies to sell my unique “brand” to employers.

Did you say yes to 13-14 bullets?

Congratulations! Your resume writing abilities appear to be sound. (Have you thought of a career in resume writing?) You just might want to avail yourself of a critique from a professional resume writer to be sure you didn’t miss anything important.

Did you say yes to 10-12 bullets?

You have some distinct abilities that will help you write a résumé more solidly than most. Leaving out some critical components, however, can cost you interviews. Having your résumé professionally crafted can help ensure you optimize your results.

Did you say yes to fewer than 10 bullets?

You will miss many opportunities that may be perfect for you unless you have your résumé professionally prepared.


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